A new scheme is being introduced from Monday 22 August 2011. From that date, all registered training organisations (RTOs) that are approved to deliver Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) or Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) courses will be required to use a common online system for recording course and student details.

The online system is directly linked to the Government’s licensing database and will record details of all students who successfully complete a course in RSA or RCG. Students who successfully complete their RSA or RCG course in NSW from 22 August 2011 will need to apply for a photo competency card by producing a certificate and appropriate identification and having their photograph taken at a participating Australia Post outlet.

From 22 August 2011, the photo competency card will replace paperbased RSA and RCG certificates.

Why is the RSA/RCG Photo Competency Card being introduced?

The card is being introduced to reduce the potential fraud risks associated with the current paper based system and improve the integrity of the RSA and RCG competency scheme in NSW.

How will the online system work?

Following the completion of a course, the RTO will enter the details of successful students, pay the applicable fees by credit card and print an interim certificate for the student to take to Australia Post.

Who pays for the new RSA and RCG card?

RTOs will be required to pay $70 for each student who completes an RSA or RCG course. This fee covers the cost of the card, processing by Australia Post, administration and licensing costs of OLGR. It is expected that the RTO will pass this cost onto students as part of the overall course fee.

Can graduates work in jobs which require an RSA or RCG qualification whilst they wait for the photo competency card?

Yes. From 22 August 2011, RTOs will issue a paper-based interim certificate to graduates of RSA/RCG courses. The interim certificate,required to be produced at an Australia Post outlet for the purposes of obtaining the photo competency card, can also be used on a temporary basis as evidence of competency. The certificate will be valid for 60 days from date of issue which will allow students sufficient time to apply for a photo competency card at a participating Australia Post outlet and for the card to be created and sent to them by the card supplier.

Will current holders of NSW RSA and RCG certificates have to apply for the new photo card and or attend a new/ refresher course?

Existing paper certificates will still be valid as evidence of competency in RSA or RCG. The new photo card will only be issued to individuals who complete a course from 22 August 2011. While the cards will expire after 5 years, the requirements for renewal have yet to be finalised.

Will there be a separate photo competency card for RSA and RCG graduates?

There will be one card which will list both competencies if the student has completed both courses.

In the future will all employees be required to obtain a photo competency card?

Eventually everyone working in positions which require RSA or RCG competencies will be required to obtain a photo card but at this stage it only applies to students who complete a course from 22 August 2011.

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